General information:

The well-known and successful annually returning Van Olst Sales Auction is online. With the knowledge that "live auctions with the public" will be a utopia for the time being, Van Olst Horses has decided to auction the 2021 collection of young 3 and 4 year old dressage horses from its own crop online.

The first auctions starts Friday the 29th of Januari at 12.00 (Dutch time) and will end on Monday the 1st of Februari at 8 pm. The horses entered in this auction are green and have no training. In case there is a bid on the horse in the last 5 minutes of the auction the auction will end 5 minutes later. This repeats untill the last bid is placed. 


The size of the horses is as follows:

S: till 1.62 cm / M: 1.63 cm - 1.66 cm / L: 1.67 cm - 1.70 cm / XL: from 1.70


Of course it is possible to see these horses before you place a bid, taking into account the current Corona regulations. For more information or to make an appointment contact us!

X-rays and clinicall reports of the horses

If you are interested in one of the horses from the Van Olst Sales Online collection and would like to receive the X-rays with the clinical report, please send an email with the horse's name and your details to:

Auction Commission:

8% auction commission will be charged on all horses.


VAT will be charged on top of the knock down price, the correct VAT percentage is shown of each individual horse at its own page.


The online auctioning of the ridden horses will alternate with online auctioning of foals, brood mares and young horses.
Now that the foal auction Limburg no longer offers dressage foals and the foal auctions of Maren Kessel and Deurne are canceled, we can meet a need and offer our breeders and buyers a new sales platform.
Breeders can register their foals at and have them filmed and photographed at the Van Olst Sales accommodation in Den Hout, after which they can be auctioned. The exact conditions and the first date will be announced shortly.


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