The next Van Olst Sales Auction will be an auction of three year old mares.  A group of 5 mares who are all awarded with  "ster and voorlopig keur" at the studbook inspection of the KWPN. All of them are recently vetted and the D-oC test is done and we are waiting for the results. As soon as they are in we will announce it through this website.

Startingprice and bidding steps

The startingprice of the mares will be 8.000 euro. The biddingsteps will be :

8.000 euro to 10.000 euro raise with 250 euro, from 10.000 euro to 20.000 euro raise with 500 euro and from 20000 euro raise with 1.000 euro.

Veterinairy information

All horses have been vetted and the information of this can be requested via 


If you'de like to make an appiontment for viewing of the horses you can contact the organisation via or by phone: Gertjan van Olst 0653 161 926 or Niek Haarlink 0610 861 301.

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